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Lake Waikaremoana is the jewel of Te Urewera and home of the Tuhoe people. Waikaremoana is full of hidden treasures awaiting discovery and the Kiwi Ranger booklet will guide you to ‘unlock the treasure chest’ to find adventure wherever you go in Te Urewera.

Activities include…

The forest here is rich with life – look up, look down and see how many types you can find. Seek out an inspiring place among some of the area’s spectacular trees, feel the earth and describe what it’s like to be a tree in this spectacular forest. Identify the sites of pa and kaina from the lookout. Dip your toes into Lake Waikareiti or Lake Waikaremoana and think about how import the lake is and what would happen to the lake if the forest wasn’t there. Finish up by thinking of something you can do at home that’s good for nature, people and the environment.

If you’re aged 6 and under do 5 activities, between 7 and 9 do 6 activities, and if you’re aged between 10 and 110 do 7! But don’t stop there – why not do all 12 activities!


Getting a booklet…

Pick up your free Kiwi Ranger booklet at :

  • Te Urewera Visitor Centre at Aniwaniwa, State Highway 38, Te Urewera between 8 am and 4.15pm weekdays
  • Waikaremoana Holiday Park, 6249 Lake Road State Highway 38, Te Urewera. Open 7 days.

The Te Urewera Kiwi Ranger activities will introduce you to some great short walks. Pick up the excellent Lake Waikaremoana Walks brochure from the visitor centre to help plan your mix of activities.

Cover - Te Ureweara


Download the booklet here




Getting your badge…

urewerabadgeWhen you’ve completed your activities visit Te Urewera Visitor Centre at Aniwaniwa, State Highway 38, Te Urewera between 8 am and 4.15 pm weekdays to receive your badge.

Or you can post your completed booklet to Te Urewera Kiwi Ranger, Department of Conservation, DOC Mail Shed, SH38 RD5, Wairoa 4195 and we’ll check your booklet and post your badge and booklet to you.


Tell us what you’ll do!

The last activity asks what you’ll do when you get home that’s good for nature, people and your environment. Send us your ideas and feedback here!



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